Tips For A Smoother Travel

Not everything goes as plan when you are on vacation. Sometimes the weather can really throw you off the itinerary that you spend so many hours preparing. One wrong decision and your vacation can be ruined by a spooky looking hotel, an over price restaurant, a tourist trap attraction or stuck in an over-pack train. Here are some tips for a smoother travel.

Econo Lodge, Provo


Reading reviews will help you decide whether the hotel, restaurant, and tourist attraction is worth living or going. It will give you the pros and cons and a similar attraction nearby. is a great website to get some honest reviews.


There are many bloggers who like to blog about their country or a country that they are very familiar with. You can leave them a comment or send them an email to ask questions. Chances are that they are friendly and willing to share information with you because they’ve shared it on their blog. Do a Google search and you’ll find lots.


Traveling by bus is becoming more and more comfortable compared to economy flights. The new buses are more clean with free wi-fi and outlet access. You can check out Greyhound and Megabus.

USE META-SEARCH WEBSITES and are great websites that will help you find cheap flights by doing a mega-meta-search that scans the fares of multiple airlines and travel booking sites. Instead of having to open three windows: Expedia, Travelocity, and Flightcentre, those websites will help you search the fares with one window.


Bring your own everything. Bring a jacket for when it gets cold on the flight, which most likely will, bring a pair of noise-cancelling earphones to cut the noise that comes from the plane engine, and bring your own pillow.

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