The Time My Survival Skill Was Tested

For your sake and my sake, I don’t know any survival skills in terms of living outdoors because I never have to live outside (I should really get on that. Oh, I meant learning some survival skills, not living outside, silly). So if you ever want to do real camping with me, don’t expect me to do a lot.

My day at Canyonlands National Park started off bad. My definition of bad includes polar temperatures with a combination of rain and ice storm and here comes the worst…


Seriously, how can there be no restaurant or cafe in a National Park!?!? But even then, I wouldn’t have eaten there anyway, ha!

Here are the reasons why:

1. Expensive

2. Slow

3. And more expensive

I like to travel with a low-budget because it means I get to travel more by spending less. My life is all about encompassing the globe (I’m sure yours is too, right??).

So what happens when you (well in this case, I) have no access to food, feel uninterested, bored and extremely undernourished?

I find something fun to do to keep my thoughts away from thinking about food.


Canyonlands National Park, Utah


Canyonlands National Park, Utah

And here comes the best…

Sitting at the edge of a canyon.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

These three activities lasted a few hours. But, the longing for food comes back immediately. I searched my car for food and viola, I found a can of vegetable pasta soup (I actually bought this from my trip to Wal-Mart the night I landed in Salt Lake City. Looks like I do have some kind of survival skill).

Vegetable pasta soup review: It says 50% vegetables and 50% pasta, but the labels never tell the truth. It was more like 90% vegetables and 10% pasta. It was all liquid so not filling at all. Good? It was edible.

So with the so called 50% vegetables and 50% pasta in my stomach, I am ready to hike again. I hiked to Mesa Arch (a very famous arch and easy hike). An hour went by and the desire for food comes back again! All the climbing and jumping takes away all the energy I have.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Looks like I need to search my car again. Who knows, there might be another can of vegetable pasta soup that has a label of 90% pasta and 10% vegetables.

It looks like in the end, I did have some survival skill(s).

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Fionn is an adventure seeker that is attracted to danger. She is always on a mission to wander around the globe curiously. Whether it will be hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, swimming with whale sharks, or finishing the World’s Toughest Mudder, she will always be there with her camera(s) in her hands, a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. Oh, and did she forget to mention that she is also a foreign Piña Colada drinker?


  1. New sneakers! They won’t stay new for long. Keep on truckin’.

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