The Time I Met A Cowboy

You meet a cowboy. He makes a conversation with you, but you are too busy trying to get that perfect shot. The wind is so strong that your face starts to make weird faces (exactly like when you push your face against the car window. Yeah, those kind of weird looks). The high altitude with the wind chill makes you feel like you are in Churchill, Manitoba.

Despite all that, you continue to create a conversational topic with him.


For most people, wouldn’t they want to finish getting the perfect shot and then hop back into the car with their heat on full blast?

However, with me, it is different.

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Ever since the first time I visited the Southwest, I have a slight crush to everything country related (yes, I just admitted that…). It’s quite rare to see cowboys at state parks or national parks. But, Dead Horse Point State Park got its name because of its use as a natural corral by cowboys (what does that mean? I recommend you to ask Google or Siri).

Now this makes sense why I saw a cowboy at this state park!

My time spent at this park was short. Short enough to last the length of a commercial break. Or long enough to last the length of a half-time break.

I arrived when the sun was setting, took a few pictures and ran back to my car because the cowboy was nowhere within my sight. He happened to vanish within a blink of an eye.

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Even though my time at this park was so short, I still loved it. Of course it would have been better if the conversation lasted a bit longer (wink), but better than nothing!

I’m telling you, I did love the park, it wasn’t just the cowboy! You have to believe me.

My relationship with this park ended too soon. I was not ready to say goodbye. We had a few disagreements but everything worked out in the end. However, I still feel like something was missing between us. But, there was no other choice than to leave. Sorry.

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Fact: this is the shortest relationship I have ever been in. 

So did I really meet a cowboy?


Unfortunately, it was just a “dream”.

But dreams do come true right???

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