Rodeway Inn Hotel Review

This hotel is located in a small city called Alamosa, which is close to Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was hard to find a reasonable priced hotel near the national park. We settled with Rodeway Inn because the price was okay and the location was good.

When we first arrived at the hotel, we tried looking for food. We drove for about 5 minutes further down the road and we still weren’t able to find food. So, we went back to the hotel and settled with cans of Chef Boyardees. Don’t be fooled because those were delicious! Wow, I can’t believe I am actually craving for it, right now as I am typing this! My favorite one is meatball and spaghetti. Delicious, if you ask me.

When I said location was good, I meant to the Great Sand Dunes. Otherwise, the city looked a bit ghetto. Most buildings looked old and abandoned. It didn’t look like it was taken a good care of.

We walked into the hotel and I was pleased. It actually had a foosball table and a ping pong table. It would’ve been nice to play a few rounds if I had time. Unfortunately, we checked in late and by the time we finished showering and copying pictures, it was time for bed. The bed was big, clean and comfortable. Room was nice and tidy.

The hotel came with free wi-fi, but the wi-fi had a mind of its own. It was terrible. I noticed that it only worked when I stood near the door. When I tried to use it on the desk or the bed, it wouldn’t load at all. It was connected, but nothing would come up.

PROS: comfy bed, ping pong table and foosball table, clean room

CONS: wi-fi was horrible, no complimentary breakfast, hard to find food nearby


Rodeway Inn

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