Reserve Casino Hotel Review

Reserve Casino Hotel is located in Central City, where it is known to be the “casino area”. While I was driving to the hotel, the whole block was full of casinos. It is a very lively and a beautiful historic city.

We drove up to the entrance and immediately the valet boy comes up to us and asked to park our car. We politely said no because we had a lot of luggage and bags to bring up to the hotel.

Once we parked our car and went upstairs, many eyes were on me because only adults were allowed to stay at this hotel. Even before I made it to the front desk, one of the managers asked for my ID. I showed it to him and he gave me a wristband, so that I won’t be bothered again. I thought I had something on my hair or in my nose…

Reserve Casino Hotel, Colorado

My first impression of this hotel was wow. The lobby was beautiful, especially compared to the other hotels that I stayed in while in Colorado. This was on another level.

Reserve Casino Hotel, Colorado

The check-in process was very smooth and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. We took the elevator up to our floor and our room was very cozy and warm. The bed was very comfortable and the comforters were thick and clean.

Reserve Casino Hotel, Colorado

We originally planned to get food outside the hotel, but while we were driving around the city, we didn’t see any. So, we opted to eat at a restaurant inside the hotel and the food was delicious. It was the best meal I had in a week.

Reserve Casino Hotel, Colorado

PROS: friendly staff, service, room, wi-fi was very strong, a lively hotel, cleanliness, bars, casino

CONS: no food nearby, but there is food at the hotel and it was good


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