Positano & Lemons

I find Positano quite similar to the towns and villages of Cinque Terre. They are all very small, where one day or even half a day is enough to explore. Just like Monterosso, you will arrive to a large beach and crowd.

Positano, ItalyI guess that is not a really bad thing.

Isn’t the beach the perfect place to do some people watching? Don’t tell me you have never done that before. You’re lying!!!

Positano, Italy

Okay, enough of people watching.

Two things that do stand out in Positano are the lemons and Tic Tacs. Lemon everything. Lemon candy, lemon tea, lemon drink, lemon car freshener, the list goes on and on… If you’re a lemon person, you will absolutely love Positano. Buying anything in Positano is expensive! Guess how much this drink cost.

Positano, Italy

3‎€!!! Keep in mind that when you convert it back to Canadian dollars, it was actually $4.25. Was it worth it? Hmmm… I guess so. I remembered it being really refreshing and tasty.

The second thing is the Tic Tacs. I walked into a couple supermarkets and found these “treasures”. I have never seen such small Tic Tac boxes, ever. Same size Tic Tacs, but in a smaller box. I remember coming out of the supermarket being really excited because I felt like I found some gems.

Positano, Italy

I have tried all three flavors and lemon definitely was the best! Least favorite… banana.

Just like Cinque Terre, Positano has very narrow walkways. On a hot summer day, it could get extremely crowded. Add in the humidity and heat, it became a bit overwhelming… which was why the cold drink was worth it. If you’re coming off a cruise ship, I would recommend bringing your own drinks.

Positano, Italy

I saved my Snapchat story on the day I went to Positano. You will get to see a bit of everything. From the port of Salerno all the way to what I ate for dinner. Oh, and you will also see more lemons.

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