How To Make The Most Out Of Your Travels

Lets be honest, traveling can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when we have a set itinerary with a tight schedule. I joined a tour that went to Sichuan, China. The deciding factor was based on how nice the pictures were. I had absolutely no idea where I was going because I couldn’t read Chinese. Besides, I kind of liked the surprise 🙂

I felt like the purpose of these tours were to bring people to as many places as they could in a given time. It was constantly place after place. There were no breaks in between where you could go back to your 4 star hotel and be in a clean environment. If all public washrooms were like that, things would have been different. With such a tight schedule, it was sometimes hard to truly appreciate everything. Here are some tips:


I remembered trying some type of dumpling in Shanghai that I had never seen before. It didn’t look great, but it tasted delicious. In fact, I’m craving for it now! When we travel to a different country, we come across a lot of things that we don’t normally see. Make the effort to try something new.

A different kind of dumpling


There are many well-traveled paths, but there are also a lot of hidden trails. Do some research and you’ll find some hidden gems. They don’t call it hidden for no reason.


Don’t be shy and believe that you can travel without talking to a stranger. I may come off as being timid, but when I can get a conversation going, you will be glad that I am your travel partner. The locals know everything, so your best bet is to talk to them. Chances are they are friendly too.


This is the most important tip because I’m all about self discovery. Try something new everyday and get out of your comfort zone. Go camp under the stars, eat something different, talk to strangers, or do something that scares you, like putting on some snorkeling fins and venturing into the unnerving abysm of the depths. You will soon discover new talents and strengths that you didn’t know exist.

Shark cage adventure


Possessions will break and die. Memories will last forever. The experience that you went through will change your life and shape who you are. Go experience life instead of experiencing things.

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Fionn is an adventure seeker that is attracted to danger. She is always on a mission to wander around the globe curiously. Whether it will be hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, swimming with whale sharks, or finishing the World’s Toughest Mudder, she will always be there with her camera(s) in her hands, a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. Oh, and did she forget to mention that she is also a foreign Piña Colada drinker?

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