Hotel Grums Barcelona Review

Hotel Grums Barcelona is a 4 star hotel located in the heart of Barcelona. It is about a 10 minute walk to the famous street, La Rambla. From there, you can also hop onto the bus if you decide to join the Barcelona Hop On and Off bus tour. It is a great location!

Hotel Grums Barcelona

My first impression of the hotel was literally “wow”. The lobby was beautiful, full of glass railings and modern lights. The waiting area had lots of comfortable couches and chairs. It was big and clean. From time to time, I always saw a lady cleaning and vacuuming the carpet.

The second floor had space for you to relax and chill and it was also an eating area. They serve a buffet breakfast for an additional cost.

Hotel Grums Barcelona

Our room was big compared to the other hotels that we stayed at before. Everything was clean and tidy. The washroom and shower was big. There were also a lot of table and closet space. Overall, the room was fantastic.

Hotel Grums Barcelona

PROS: friendly staff, wifi was strong, love the location of the hotel, clean, spacious, free bottled water per person per day

CONS: shower has no doors


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