Holiday Gifts For Travelers

Buying holiday gifts for travelers can be difficult because they usually try to live a minimalist lifestyle. This will allow them to travel longer while being on a budget. Travelers like to avoid expensive brands, unnecessary gadgets, and things that are well… expensive.

The best holiday gifts for travelers will have to be travel accessories. Depending on your budget because everyone is different, I recommend:


Most travelers like to write down their experiences because they get to see so many places, try new things, and learn new cultures. By having a journal, this will make it easier for them to document their travels.


If your friends are hikers (like me!), you can think about purchasing hiking gear. In the hiking world, it is extremely important to have hiking shoes. In fact, the first thing I pack are my hiking shoes. I personally love Merrell’s hiking shoes. Another suggestion can be a Camelbak.


I don’t mean gift cards to Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or Under Armour. I mean gift cards to places that aren’t stores. Travelers like to experience things because they enjoy them. You can think about snowboarding or skiing passes, ropes course, zip-lining, scuba lesson course, or spa gifts.


Probably the biggest action sports camera company in the world! As the owner of two GoPro’s, I strongly recommend that all travelers should be carrying one with them when they are on the road. If you are interested, check out what I bring when I travel.

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition


If your friend doesn’t already have a smartphone, you can consider getting an iPod touch. I believe that having a smartphone while traveling will help make the travel smoother because there are free travel apps that you can download.

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