Highlights of Fira

Santorini is probably the most fascinating island of Greece. Even the name itself stands out compared to the others. The two main towns are Fira and Oia. Both towns are very beautiful with little cafes, shops, and places of interest.

Approaching Santorini by boat is unlike any other island. The towns and villages sit on top of a massive cliff of the caldera and from a distance, it may appear as a snow-capped mountain. When was the last time you saw an island where the towns and villages are at the top of a caldera?

Everyone who has done research on Santorini has come across reading about the picturesque sunsets that occur on this island. I may never have seen a sunset, but I can imagine how beautiful it is seen as a backdrop with the volcano. So, what about sunrises in Santorini? The sun rises in the East and the main dock for all boat and ship tourists is towards the East.

You can see the sunlight slowly rising and shining onto the white buildings.

Santorini, Greece

Now, I understand why people don’t talk about seeing sunrises in Santorini a lot.

The ship’s tenders bring us (passengers) to the bottom of Fira. From there, you can choose to take the cable car up to the cliffs for €5 one way or walk the donkey path. There is no such thing as a return ticket for the cable car. The cable car is like a bullet. It pulls you right up to the top in a matter of a few minutes. If you ask me, I would choose the cable car option.

Once you’re at the top, you will see a beautiful panoramic view of Fira.

Santorini, Greece

Fira and Oia are best seen by getting lost, literally. Santorini’s the only place where I actually don’t carry a map. In fact, I’m not sure where I could get one if I want one. All you have to do is trust your gut. If you feel like going right, then go right because to be honest, it doesn’t matter what direction you choose. Left or right, you will always be surprised and fascinated.

Can we actually talk about this photo? The colors blue and white are my favorite colors and Santorini is full of that combination. Perfecto! I know, it should be a Greek word, but I can’t speak Greek. Also, perfecto has been my new word lately… thought I would put it to use.

This may or may not be someone’s backyard or porch… whatever it is. I still wonder what is inside that cute and small door. But, honestly… I’m just digging that jacuzzi right now.

Santorini, Greece

Here is another one. I think this one is someone’s porch. If you look closely, you will see another jacuzzi right beside the bench. It must be “normal” to have a jacuzzi. I ain’t surprised about that!

Santorini, Greece

You absolutely cannot leave the island without having a gyro!!! Did you just pronounce it as gi-row? The correct way to say it is yee-ro. No problem. You don’t have to call me Ms. Luk. Fionn is fine. A gyro cost around €2.50. It may look small in the photo, but trust me… it is big.

Santorini, Greece

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