Getting The Perfect Shot

Getting the perfect shot can be difficult. It will take time, creativity, and patience. Sometimes you will need to wait for the perfect lighting and you won’t know when it will come.

Here are some tips to make getting the perfect image a little easier.


Sometimes a different angle will make a photograph more interesting. Walk around the area and try to capture every angle. Don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures. We live in a digital world. It is free to take pictures!

Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National ParkFIND THE RIGHT LIGHTING

Light is a tricky element. It is something that we can’t control. We can only find a way to work around it. Generally, the worst situation will be in direct sunlight shining in front of you. It creates crazy sun flares and those never look good in a photograph. It also makes the image lose its colour and contrast. Be creative and aim your camera somewhere else.

Letchworth State Park Upper Falls, NY


The subject never needs to be in the middle of the frame. Frame it to the right or left and it will automatically make the photograph look more dynamic. Sometimes angling the camera helps too.

Vitamin water


Sometimes you wander around the city and picture a really cool image with it. Go for it and never let the endless amount of excuses stop you. Just do it before you regret it. It most likely will turn out to be a really cool image.

Canyonlands, Utah

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