Finding Closure at Billy Green Falls

As I was driving up the curvy cliff of The Upper Centennial Parkway, I spotted icicles dangling from Billy Green Falls, frozen solid, covered with ice so thick that it showed reflections as clear as a mirror.

Billy Green Falls, Hamilton

The sound of trickling water was nowhere to be heard, but the ice was so cold it stung. A cold, wet, slippery, and hard environment made exploring the ice caves a lot more dangerous, deadly, and treacherous. The opening of the entrance to the ice cave looks like some kind of “mouth”.

Billy Green Falls, Hamilton

My life flashed before my eyes when I slipped on the ice, but luckily I hung on for dear life and made it to the ice cave.

Billy Green Falls, Hamilton

The chilly breeze cutting through the air seemed to whisper “ice, ice, ice” into my ears like I was hallucinating. Honking cars created the soundscape nearby. The ambulance drove rapidly into the oncoming traffic which swerved to the curb. It was just another day in the city of Hamilton. To me, Billy Green Falls was an ice palace.

Billy Green Falls, Hamilton

The icicles that were formed were bigger than dragon’s teeth. It became a deadly sheet of ice, and all hell broke loose. Just when I was saying my final goodbyes, the sun started chasing over the horizon and I knew my time was coming to an end. The orange sunlight gave a new light to the dull landscape. The sunlight filled the entire scene with a warm sensation that made me smile. I got the closure that I needed.

Billy Green Falls, Hamilton

About Fionn Luk

Fionn is an adventure seeker that is attracted to danger. She is always on a mission to wander around the globe curiously. Whether it will be hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, swimming with whale sharks, or finishing the World’s Toughest Mudder, she will always be there with her camera(s) in her hands, a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. Oh, and did she forget to mention that she is also a foreign Piña Colada drinker?

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  1. Wonderful images from what must be an amazing place.

    And by the way, I’ve arrived here from where I found you featured on the Tumblr blog, allthingseurope, on via the link to Flickr, and then here.

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