Did I Find Love At The End?

Have you heard about the story that I fell in love with a waterfall? Yeah, can you believe it?

I came across pictures of Eternal Flame Falls on the internet. I started obsessing over it. That was an easy guess, wasn’t it? My brain just couldn’t wrap around the idea that there was a natural gas flame that was part of the waterfall. Fire is the opposite of water (duh), so it was a little strange yet… mind-blowing.

It's All Natural

If you, like me obsessing over it now (don’t worry, I totally get it), let me make it easier for you to find this place. Google said that this was located in Chestnut Ridge Park, so I went into the park and failed to find it. I asked some locals and they told me which direction to drive once I got out of Chestnut Ridge Park. I believed it was North. Oh wait, maybe it was East?

Just playing with you. For real, it was South.

Just keep driving South and you will see a sign. To be exact, it is the sign below.


Many people had been disappointed that after all the hiking, the waterfall ended up being dried. The rule of thumb (I know, sometimes rules are dumb, but I urge you to listen and follow this rule) is that when you make it to the bottom of the stream and can hike upstream without getting wet, the waterfall is dry (I just saved you some time).

When I went, it was dried up. I still hiked to the waterfall because it really wasn’t that far. I had researched before and people said you could blow it out and light it back up again. Are you connecting the dots now? That’s the reason why I still made it to the waterfall; because I wanted to blow it out. I’m always on a mission, what can I say?

Eternal Flame Falls, New York

Unfortunately, I didn’t find love this time. Love is a strong word. I once had a relationship with Blue Mountain, but I didn’t have a relationship with Eternal Flame Falls this time because of the wrong timing. There is potential though, so don’t get too sad. I know, don’t worry… I’m okay.

Did I forget to mention that this waterfall wasn’t in Canada? (I bet you thought it was). It was in New York.

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