Angels Landing

First of all, no this isn’t where angels landed (sorry to break your heart. I know how you feel too, trust me. If I ever find the landing spot for angels I will let you know, I promise).

When I say Angels Landing, I am referring it to an exhausting, risky and deadly hike. These three adjectives pretty much sums up this hike. Most people avoid it once they read the description on the park map.

Here is the exact description of the park guide/map: Long drop-offs. Not for young children or anyone fearful of heights. The last section is a route along a steep, narrow ridge to the summit. Often snow covered and icy.

Oh, and keep in mind that there is also a picture of a person falling off the cliff (for those who are visual-spatial learners). 

Angels Landing hike

So, what do you think? We can’t blame them for skipping it, right? Then, there are people like me (and maybe you) who will be more than excited to take on this adventure. I must say that all the crazy things that I have done so far were just to prove to myself that I was am good enough.

Angels Landing is a 5.4mi (8.7km) hike with 1488ft elevation change. It is located inside Zion National Park, Utah.

Angels Landing hike

Executing this hike is high on my to-do list when I travel to Utah. Not many hikes make it to my list of “World Class Hikes”. This is one of the best.

Angels Landing is full of steep switchbacks (like a lot). These 21 switchbacks are the last obstacles before Scout Lookout. Scout Lookout is the turnaround point for people who don’t have the guts and bravery to reach the final summit.

Angels Landing hike

Conquering those switchbacks are fun. However, the switchbacks aren’t the best part. The best part are the “chains”. For those of you who are eagerly willing to continue beyond Scout Lookout, chains are bolted into the rocks so that your life expectancy will not decrease. I recommend you to really use those chains to help you reach the final summit because it is not cool to fall off the cliff.

Angels Landing hike

Finishing this hike makes me feel very accomplished. Not just physically rewarding, but more importantly mentally as well. Traveling is all about self discovery.

Now that I finished the hike, I need to start looking for more hikes to add to my list of “World Class Hikes” because so far I only have one (haha, you thought I had more, right? Keep checking in because I can guarantee you there will be more).

Until next time…

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Fionn is an adventure seeker that is attracted to danger. She is always on a mission to wander around the globe curiously. Whether it will be hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, swimming with whale sharks, or finishing the World’s Toughest Mudder, she will always be there with her camera(s) in her hands, a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. Oh, and did she forget to mention that she is also a foreign Piña Colada drinker?


  1. Thank you very much Aja. Nice to see you here. And elle s’ennuie, thank you too. And alo. I’m trying so hard to not use emloaxaticn points (!) Ya I wanted to do a new pocket. It’s the buttons that make me crazy, they are really nice. I think it’s ok if it’s showing wear especially nice green stuff. They do clean up pretty well and can take a pretty heavy duty cleaning. I love to hear bag updates! I think the totes you have of mine may have the best life of any that have gone out into the wilds of the world. I can’t even believe all the endless- here is a butterfly, here are some deer, here are flower and flowers and more flowers, oh here is an abandoned castle. Bit jealous!

  2. Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

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