A Love Story With Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain officially became my first husband. It had all the qualities that I look for. A nice village, endless amounts of beaver tails (perfect time for a blood test? I’d say so), and challenged diverse terrains and many hidden tree trails that almost put me in the hospital again (I guess not so good after all). Blue Mountain is a great partner for adventuring! However, I’m sorry that I lost count of how many times we went on a date. The good thing is that we will always spend more than just the length of a dinner date. In fact, I spent a week with him as well, now that’s real commitment, don’t you think?

Tree trails

Sometimes things get a little boring with time. I started going to Dagmar because Blue Mountain didn’t have the specific terrain park that I was looking for, and that is very important in a marriage. About 1/3 of the ski resort was dedicated to terrain parks. It features four (yes, I said that correctly) stages:

1. The Puppy Pound

2. The Dog Pound

3. The Im Pound

4. The Compound

This was absolutely perfect for every level of rider. Unfortunately, things didn’t last very long. I was sad and he was sad. I fell and my left knee hit the rail pretty hard. No broken bones (phew, dodged that bullet), but painful enough that it required acupuncture. So only after some time did I reunite with my husband, Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountain

Up to this day, he still never fails to amaze me. I’m always on the lookout for adventure, a trail that will keep me on my toes. This is exactly what he brings to me. There is no easy way out if I make a wrong turn. Fear can never be shown because the surprises that he brings challenge me in every way. Snowboarding isn’t just about having the skills to carve on snow.

Like in all the other sports that I play, I need to prepare mentally. I believe that a relationship can never be perfect, even if I think it is. Snow conditions play a huge role in the relationship. The weather can change within one run. Blue Mountain has given me every weather condition possible and with that I am now able to board in any condition.

Snowy day

There was one day where I wasn’t careful enough and made a wrong turn. There were too many people, so the only option I had was down a steep hill. I stood there and thought about what to do. Unstrapping my board and walking down was never an option. Determination is key. The only option I had was to take a leap of faith and trust myself that I could get down safely. Like in any good relationship, being able to let go is important. It allows each individual to have some time to themselves. I took off of what looked like a vertical slope, carved through fresh pillows and occasionally conquered tiny bumps along the way too. I’m not going to lie, I was really scared. But then again, I like to challenge myself. Blue Mountain was able to push me beyond what I was capable of and that was what I loved the most.

Blue Mountain made me a better snowboarder and taught me that whatever comes my way, anything is possible. Life is fun when I get to live it dangerously 🙂

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