5 Ways To Beat Vacation Withdrawal Symptoms

We all dread packing our bags and boarding the plane to go back home. We wish that time will go by slower, so that we can do everything that we want to do. In reality, vacations will always end. It just depends on when.

Coming back from a vacation is tough to deal with. I know, it is hard for everyone, but for some, it is harder than usual. It is the hardest when we come back from a vacation that is so meaningful and powerful that it essentially change our lives. These are the vacations that I look forward to.

Dealing with the symptoms can be hard. Here are some ways to beat vacation withdrawal symptoms:


When we keep ourselves busy, our minds shift to something else and away from vacation. We tend to forget things too.


I am a huge fan of working out because I like to include hard hikes into my travels. Staying in shape definitely helps push me beyond what I am capable of. Why do I push myself so hard? Well, that’s just human nature. I like to see how far I can go.

It is also important to stay healthy and maintain a good diet.


I know it is hard to smile after coming back from such an amazing vacation. Instead of complaining that you would rather be somewhere else, try to smile and look back on those great life experiences that you encounter. Reflect on why you will never forget those experiences and how it change your life.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah


It is nice to be able to share memories and talk about the same experiences with the person who was there with you. You could laugh together, smile together, and share memories that were significant. Chances were that the person who you traveled with dealt with the same withdrawal symptoms.

If you were a solo traveler, I am sure that you still met someone along the way. See if you could reconnect with them.


This is probably the best one. Planning vacations are so fun because you have something to look forward to. Even if the vacation isn’t until months later, you still have something to work towards to.

I am currently planning a trip to Colorado and New Mexico as well as a trip to Europe. When school gets tough, I always say to myself, “After this, I can go to Europe.” It makes me work a little harder.

Sailing to Naples, ItalyHere is a picture of my cruise ship a bit before sunrise. I am an early bird, so waking up early is easy for me. I enjoy being able to watch my cruise ship dock at the port.

The good thing is that I booked my next cruise which will be sailing to Europe again. Now that is something to look forward to :).

What is your next vacation?

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