5 Cruise Tips

Sure, cruising may be the most relaxing vacation ever, but there are some things to do before embarking. Here are 5 cruise tips that will be helpful for those who are first time cruisers.

Sailing to Naples, Italy

1. Study the ports of call

It is really important that you read about the ports that you will be going to. Read as much as you possibly can before your cruise. Otherwise, you will end up at a port overwhelmed and without a clue of what to do for the next 8 hours. You wouldn’t want to waste time figuring out what to do on the day of, especially when it comes to Europe. The ports in Europe are great with so much to do and see. 8 hours just isn’t enough. However, when it comes to the Caribbean, if you’re just looking for a beach to relax and swim, there is not much reading to do.

2. Pack right

You may be so excited to pack 7 different bikinis, but don’t forget that there is also storm season in the Caribbean! Always bring a lightweight waterproof jacket because when you actually need it, you will be thankful that you have one.

3. Staying healthy

Unlimited ice cream, desserts, pasta, cookies, escargots and just in general, FOOD! It’s really hard to not gain any weight after a cruise. I had ice cream for breakfast a few times…

Oops, I did not just tell you that.


What I noticed from my past cruises was that I continued to eat as much as I wanted to, but instead of taking the elevator, I took the stairs. Don’t underestimate it because walking up several floors is quite a workout. Since cruise ships will continue to get bigger and bigger, staying fit shouldn’t get any harder.

4. Don’t avoid the dining room meals

The buffet is known to be quick and fast. Literally, just grab and go. If you’re in a rush or just want to grab a small bite, buffet is the way to go. But, if you’re eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will suggest dining room. I love going to the dining room for breakfast. It is actually very chaotic at the buffet. It’s loud, crowded and sometimes dirty on the floor. However, with dining rooms, it’s very clean, quiet and more importantly, you just sit there and wait for your food. Who doesn’t like being served? That is what cruise life is all about, right?

5. Don’t skip formal night(s)

Formal night(s) are fun, especially when you go with your friends. Get some free professional pictures taken right outside the dining room, lobby and staircase all with different backdrops. Also, the best dinner happens to be on formal nights, too. You wouldn’t want to miss that lobster dinner!

If you know of another cruise tip to add to this list, let me know!

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